BOSCH batteries

Bosch batteries - modern vehicles are equipped with more and more electric-powered components. A quality, reliable power supply is essential. Bosch batteries guarantee that.

The number of consumers of electricity in modern vehicles is constantly growing and there are special requirements regarding the Start/Stop system and brake energy recovery for top battery performance. The Bosch S5 battery with AGM technology delivers the power needed for frequent starts and stops and reliably supplies electronic devices in the stop phase.

Drivers who drive trucks every day, such as 40 t trucks or buses, know how to appreciate quality. You can rely on us in the spare parts, testing and servicing program: Bosch is your partner for the car service of the future. In modern trucks, common rail systems have long been a common occurrence. This creates a huge potential for car service, as diesel engine parts also are out over time. Bosch offers common rail component solutions for almost all vehicle manufacturers. Trucks attract with their large number of kilometers traveled and long engine life. You will gain your customers with professional service and economical maintenance. Your reliable partner is Bosch. No other name is so closely associated with the development and strength of the system.


Authorized distributors for Bosch batteries Trigema d.o.o. Belgrade Serbia, Trigma d.o.o. Banja Luka i BH Trigema Bosnian and Herzegovina