BOSCH Automotive

Bosch Spare Parts: Quality you can rely on

When it comes to new vehicle equipment, many vehicle manufacturers trust Bosch. Car services and drivers also rely on this quality when they need service parts: whether it's modern lighting or braking systems, durable batteries, great wipers or cabin filters to reduce pollution - Bosch offers everything to make drivers safer, to make them more comfortable and to make their ride more environmentally friendly.

Car bulbs - Top quality for extra road safety
Wiper systems - Clear view guaranteed: Bosch wiper blades
Filters - Bosch filters: engine body guard
Starters and alternators - Innovative, robust and durable: Bosch starters and alternators
Diesel systems - Bosch diesel: high performance, low fuel consumption
Petrol systems - Bosch petrol systems: state-of-the-art technology for petrol engines
Braking systems – There is no compromise when it comes to safety
Spark plugs – Quality that sets standards: Bosch spark plugs
Control systems – Safe and easy control
Belts – Quality is our motivation: Bosch drive belts and kits
Lambda sensors – Reduced fuel consumption, reduces emissions: Bosch lambda sensor
Air flow meters – Original quality that pays off: Bosch air mass meter
Sensors and encoders – Bosch sensors: “Sensory sensors” for vehicle


Authorized distributor for Bosch spare parts Trigema d.o.o. Belgrade Serbia, Trigma d.o.o. Banja Luka i BH Trigema Bosnian and Herzegovina