Our partners - customers have at their disposal laboratory analyzes that monitor the following parameters:

  • - Physico-chemical characteristics of oil
  • - Oxidation and nitration of oil
  • - Metal content of additives
  • - Content of wear elements
  • - Contaminant content
  • - Fuel, water and soot content
  • - Total base number, etc.

Laboratory analyzes of oil contribute to the reliable operation of the equipment, prolong the service life and reduce maintenance costs. Our experience in supplying the right products - industrial systems, including the food industry, machinery and off-road machinery - contributes to the overall reduction of maintenance costs and the life of the equipment.

For the analysis of laboratory results reports, with expert comments for further application, our engineers are at your disposal.

ISO 9001 certified technical support by SGS is available to our partners 24 hours a day.