Texaco lubricants

Chevron is the world's largest producer of Group II base oils. More than 60% of the world's production of premium base oils is based on Chevron technology. As one of the world's four largest oil companies, with 50,000 employees, Chevron is also the only integrated, company that keeps the continuous quality of its products under complete control. In addition to its own production of base oils, additives and lubricants, it has oil fields and its own refineries for all types of petroleum products.

T-Group Holding, as authorized importer and distributor for of TEXACO motor and industries lubricants, places a wide range of TEXACO Lubricants products on the markets of: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro and through sub-distributores – Macedonia and Albania.

The complete program that our Holding distributes to the countries of the Adriatic region is produced in Chevron refineries (USA, Belgium and the Netherlands) and is completely identical to the quality of Texaco products that Chevron places and sells in the markets of Western Europe.

In product range are:

- synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral engine oils for passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as off-road machinery
- gear and transmission oils
- all industrial Texaco oils (hydraulic, reduction, compressor, circulating, process, oils for the food industry)
- greases
- brake fluid
- coolants

It is important to point out that our Technical Service and Cheron’s Technical Service and Laboratory, with advice and always available technical recommendations, contribute to the quality and safety of maintenance and operation of your vehicles and equipment. It is a well-established practice that our engineers provide professional assistance to Texaco lubricants users and are available to them for any consultation and solution to any problem.

Our engineers help you choose the right Texaco lubricant for a specific engine, or for a specific type of vehicle or machine, as well as in determining the optimal time intervals for lubricants change.