We have recently launched our range of lubricants under the brand TGH Lubricants - a product of T-Group Holding s.r.l - Gorizia in Italy. We have satisfied the need of some of our consumers to, in addition to the premium Texaco brand, make available to them products of appropriate quality and more affordable prices.

TGH-Lubricants are lubricants produced according to international standards, formulated from quality base oils API-group I and additives from leading world manufacturers. TGH Lubricants is produced in the European Union (EU), in the refinery of a renowned manufacturer, which has all ISO quality standards.

At the moment, packages of 205 liters (barrels) and 10 liters (buckets) are placed on the market.

  • • ATF fluids for automatic transmissions
  • • Transmission and differential oils
  • • HM and HV hydraulic oil
  • • Motor oil for trucks
  • • Lubricants for agricultural machinery
  • • Mineral oil for lubricating saw
  • • Mould release fluid