T-Nafta Trgovina

T-Group Holding has included the business segment of LPG in its portfolio by acquiring a storage facility for liquefied  petroleum gas in Kovačica. As the youngest member of T-Group Holding, T-Nafta Trgovina, as the legal owner of the warehouse Kovačica, deals with domestic procurement, import and wholesale distribution of LPG. The warehouse in Kovačica has a capacity of 1.250 m³ for LPG, a functional railway and road port and administrative conditions provided for expanding of the storage capacities for LPG up to 3.000 m³, as well as for the construction of capacity of 5.000 m³ for diesel fuel and 1.000 m³ for fuel oil.

The development plans of T-Nafta Trgovina are focused on further modernization and expansion of warehouse infrastructure in Kovačica in order to create the conditions for increasing market share, both in the Serbian market and in the neighboring markets of the Balkan region. Together with the physical trading of LPG, as a licensed user of the appropriate web-trading platforms, T-Nafta Trgovina is in the initial phase of developing digital real-time trading with gas and similar products, using futures and options (as financial instruments derived from the base value of physical assets) to protect against price risks.