JENOX batteries

Jenox Akumulatory Ap. Z.o.o. is one of the largest battery producer in Poland. It was founded in 1989, and in 1994 the production of complete batteries began. Chodziezy's modern production facilities produce batteries for all types of vehicles - passenger and cargo, as well as batteries for special purposes. In 2013, there was a merger of Jenox and the largest Polish battery manufacturer ZAP. Both companies are exclusively engaged in the production of batteries and after the merger, both have retained their brand and their production program.

JENOX's long-term policy is to invest in modern technologies, create a professional team and constantly work on improving product quality. All this has led to the production of products that fully meet the growing needs of the market. The number of batteries produced by Jenox is growing every year.

The best technologies require the most professional people. Nearly 160 highly skilled people, working in five different departments of JENOX Akumulatory, are focused on the constant improvement of products, as well as on the further development of control, distribution and servicing standards.

The JENOX team also includes a number of technical consultants from leading domestic and foreign research centers, who are in constant contact with leading experts from Jenox.


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